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Dying Bluegill

Dying Bluegill
Dying Bluegill
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Length 4.5", Width 1.5", Weight 1oz Hook #4 Gamakatsu

 The dying Bluegill from Bettencourt Baits is one of the first of its kind.Cast it out and it floats on the surface on its side like a dead or dying Bluegill..with its soft fur fins undulating in the water.This alone makes for a great dead stick bait...but wait,there is more..lower your rod tip and give it a little tug and SLOWLY start cranking and the bait rights its self and begins to struggle and swim.It will dive to approx. 2ft.When you stop the retrieve the bait falls over on its side and floats to the surface.

   Because of the design and weighting of this bait it is made to be fished in a start and stop or dead stick fashion.



*PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 weeks for delivery as they are made to order*


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